07) Lore Keeper - On the Origin of Species

The seventh episode of Lore Keeper explores the ideas of the very earliest of society. How did so many diverse races survive the early days of their shared history without obliterating one …

06) The Lore Keeper - Shared History

Does your character have an amazing in depth backstory rich with lore and history? Or do you perhaps have trouble getting exactly the right story to fit your legend?

Listen to this if …

05) Lore Keeper - The Stories that Shaped us.

There's nothing shameful about asking for advice, and there's nothing wrong with going to the professionals for a little extra help.


Send in a …

03) Lore Keeper - The Story Telling Power of Rules

Rules are one of the most powerful storytelling tools we have at our disposal. Once you've established the rules of your world, you've also …

02) PodQuest - Organize your way to success

Both Mindly and Google Docs are useful resources for an amateur podcaster. Are you already using them? Or have you got other resources at your …

01) Casual Fan - Moji Cap - Data Akangbou

In this interview we will be talking with a ln ambitious man, who hasn't just got big dreams for himself and his app, but who has big dreams for the world of business and the working class' …

Tom Makes Podcasts the channel in breif

Recorded at home this 40 second saga details what this channel is about. This trailer is fraught with as much danger, romance, and intrigue as your average pinata. So tune in, sit tight and …

01) The Lore Keeper - Three Questions

Who is in your world? Do they get along? What do they want? If you can answer these three questions, you can establish your campaign setting quicker than you think. All other details can …

02) Lore Keeper - Improv at the Table

Just a brief discussion on using improv to improve your role play experience, and why it's important to "Always say yes".


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